Neil Pomerleau

Neil Pomerleau

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Entertainer

Developing Great Software

I believe in perfecting the user experience, so I sweat the smallest details. Every color, every pixel, and every frame of every animation should work together to surprise and delight the user. I aim to write elegant software and deliver intuitive products with a world-class level of craftsmanship, and I hope I can inspire others to do the same.

Looking for a developer?

Products at LinkedIn

As a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn, I've completely overhauled the Homepage and Messaging experiences, individually conceptualized and delivered a regex puzzle that has recruited tens of thousands engineering candidates, and won awards for user experience development and achievements as an interviewer.

LinkedIn Assistant

LinkedIn Assistant

The LinkedIn Assistant is an experimental chat bot that lets members navigate LinkedIn and gain insights through a conversational interface. Learn more

LinkedIn Messaging Overlay

LinkedIn Messaging Overlay

Message professional connections from anywhere on the LinkedIn desktop experience.

Learn more: LinkedIn Blog and CNET

LinkedIn Desktop Redesign

LinkedIn Desktop Redesign

The largest redesign since LinkedIn’s inception brings conversations and content to the heart of the platform.

Learn more: LinkedIn Blog and Business Insider

LinkedIn Engineering Puzzle

LinkedIn Engineering Puzzle

Our engineers love a good puzzle. Give this one a try.

Learn more: LinkedIn Engineering Blog and ZDNet

LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn Messaging

The wait is over. We know people love to message each other, and now it’s easier than ever to do so on LinkedIn.

Learn more: LinkedIn Blog and The Verge

The New LinkedIn Homepage

The New LinkedIn Homepage

See how you stand as a professional, keep in touch with your network, and get the knowledge you need.

Learn more: LinkedIn Blog and TechCrunch

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What Others are Saying

Sean Johnson, Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Sean Johnson Neil is very much a perfectionist - he is completely unsatisfied until his project simply cannot be improved. In my time working with him, I was inspired by his meticulousness, creativity, and consistent drive to make every thing he touched far better than he found it. Watching him write code was akin to watching a modern day Da Vinci: his work would not be out of place in an art exhibit. Neil's work ethic and bubbling personality are assets that no team should have to do without. I am a better developer for having worked with him and envy any team lucky enough to obtain him.

Ryan Cruz, Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Ryan Cruz On multiple occasions, Neil went above-and-beyond in bringing kick-ass experiences to [the new Homepage]. Whether it was through prototyping with designers, refining interactions on new/existing features, Neil goes above the bar, and does it with passion and quality. That’s a rock star right there!

Nash Raghavan, Director of Engineering at LinkedIn

Nash Raghavan Neil came to the Messaging team … after being a key contributor to [the new Homepage]. He implemented many of the initial server features while defining code patterns and development practices for the Messaging team. He has a keen eye for detail and product which always results in a more polished and visually pleasing experience. Neil is comfortable working on every level of the stack, from web, to the API servers, to the back-end servers.

Code for a Cause

True success is measured by the impact we've had on the lives of others. Here are a couple projects that I hope have made a difference in the world.

ALS Variant Server

ALS Variant Server

A collaboration with UMass Medical School to help researchers around the world browse gene variants as they attempt to identify the cause of ALS.

Safe Voices: Working to End Domestic Violence

Safe Voices

Safe Voices is an organization in Maine that supports and empowers those affected by domestic violence while engaging the community to create social change.

Hackathon Awards

I enjoy putting my skills to the test and seeing what can be conceptualized, designed, and built overnight. These award-winning projects were all made in less than 24 hours.

Urgent Blood

Urgent Blood – 1st Place Overall

Donate life-saving blood when it's needed most.

Won 1st Place Overall and sponsor prizes from TomTom and NEAR at the DeveloperWeek 2019 Hackathon.


PetitionThat – 4 Grand Prizes, 2 Honorable Mentions

Together, we can change the world.

Won Grand Prizes from TeleSign, Linode, Yubico, and Smartsheet at the DeveloperWeek 2018 Hackathon.

Kitten Catch

Kitten Catch – 2nd Place, Swirlds

An adorable and decentralized game of tag.

Won Swirlds' 2nd Place Prize at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2017. Watch the demo


CitySnap – 3rd Place, NetApp

Send photo reports of graffiti in San Francisco.

Won NetApp's 3rd Place Prize at the DeveloperWeek 2017 Hackathon. Read more

Bringing cuddles to your door,!

Cats and More – Featured by TechCrunch

Bringing cuddles to your door,!

Featured in an article by TechCrunch during their Disrupt Hackathon 2016. Watch the demo

Capital Won: Challenge your friends to save the most money

Capital Won – Grand Prize, Capital One

Challenge your friends to save the most money.

Won Capital One's Grand Prize at the DeveloperWeek 2016 Hackathon for promoting financial literacy.

Fashion Sense (powered by zalando): Test your sense of fashion

Fashion Sense – 2nd Place, Zalando

Put your sense of fashion to the test.

Won Zalando's 2nd Place prize at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2015. Watch the demo Stacks. And Rands. Peek at our Stacks, Browse our Rands.

Stacks and Rands – Most Ingenious Idea, Wayfair

Purchase stack operations and random numbers. Inspired by Wayfair's original site,

Won Most Ingenious Idea at Wayfair's 2013 Hackathon.

Projects on the Side

As an entrepreneur at heart, I've built several revenue-generating sites and services. Make beautiful heat maps.


Make beautiful heat maps. We make it easy to create spectacular and accurate representations of your data. Instantly register your iOS device's UDID

Instantly register your iOS device's UDID. Completely automated, trusted by thousands.


Mabuhay Net

Games, puzzles, jokes, and more!

Just For Fun

Gotta know how to have fun too. These projects have been a wonderful waste of time.

Display of Wealth: buy a score

Display of Wealth

Can you spend your way to the top?

America Online: Connecting...

Dial Up Sound

Relive the excitement of connecting to the internet with the noise of a 56k modem.

Feat. add Jay-Z to any YouTube video

Feat. Jay-Z

Add Jay-Z to any YouTube video.

1024 1024

Easy 2048

2048 made easy. Inspired by the original 2048.

keep refreshing

Keep Refreshing

Keep refreshing a website automatically.



When true randomness is just too much. Inspired by Yes No


Find out if people are going to meet with you. Inspired by when2meet.

Is This Week Over Yet?

Is This Week Over Yet?

Check if this week is over yet.



Just fill in the blanks and let us write your hate mail for you! Inspired by this comedy sketch.