Neil Pomerleau

Neil Pomerleau

Software Engineer, Comedian, Musician

NextPlay featured in an episode of Office Hacks

The music program at LinkedIn is definitely one of my favorite perks, and our company band was lucky to be featured in an episode of Office Hacks.

The modern workplace has many perks, but this one might call for a standing ovation. Professional social network giant, LinkedIn, not only has a dedicated space for employees to connect musically, it even has its own house band. And they’re good!

Secret story behind this: we had to do an original song but we’ve never performed it together. Our drummer picked this up in minutes and I’m singing it for the first time!

February 8, 2017 at 4:12 pm

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I work as a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn and perform on stage and on keyboard for improv comedy shows in the Bay Area.

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