Neil Pomerleau

Neil Pomerleau

Software Engineer, Comedian, Musician

Keep Refreshing to renew Keep Refreshing

There’s something funny about my renewal for getting stuck and encouraging me to keep refreshing the page.


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InTune Covers “A Thousand Years”

InTune, LinkedIn’s a cappella group, just released this new music video! Amazing job Catherine Rieflin and Andy Yasutake!

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Introducing the Now-Official LinkedIn Engineering Puzzle!

Extremely excited to announce the launch of the now-official LinkedIn Engineering Puzzle!


See my full post on the LinkedIn Engineering Blog:

The puzzle has attracted engineers from many different backgrounds — mobile, web, apps, systems and infrastructure, data, and more! Some candidates are just beginning their careers and looking for their first internship or full-time job; others are distinguished engineers in Silicon Valley. One candidate even has a Ph.D. in natural language processing.

ZDNet has further coverage of the story behind this puzzle:

“I realized if you wanted to get the attention of developers, you throw them a challenge,” said Neil Pomerleau, a senior software engineer at LinkedIn. He’s the guy who set the whole puzzle project in motion within the company.

Without official backing from the social network, Pomerleau designed the puzzle on his own and published it on a mircosite he built.

It immediately gained traction. In the first week the site attracted around 5,000 visitors and roughly 600 people solved the puzzle. From there it was shared on sites like Reddit and Hacker News, then Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond.

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Want to work at LinkedIn?

Get a chance at an interview with LinkedIn by solving this puzzle!


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A Cappella Trio

With Michael Olivier and Catherine Rieflin!

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Happy Holidays from InTune!

Check out the latest video from our a cappella group at LinkedIn!

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Check out the newly-redesigned, mobile-compatible!


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Today only! All scores on Display of Wealth are 50% off!


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The new Display of Wealth

Taking some time to refresh my older projects. Here’s the new Display of Wealth!


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Big win at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015

Jameela Huq and I developed Fashion Sense using the Zalando API for our submission to the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2015.


Put your sense of fashion to the test! We compare your choice of clothing, shoes, and accessories for various occasions from business to Oktoberfest, all the while making it easy to discover new products that Zalando has to offer. In the end, we give you a score that you can use to challenge your friends and determine who truly has the best “fashion sense.”

Watch Jameela’s presentation below (via TechCrunch):

We won Zalando’s 2nd place prize of $1500!


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